Instagram traffic booster


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Instagram traffic booster - The Ultimate In Instagram Automation Promotion.

Check out the YouTube Instadub Video Playlist to see how the bot works and see the full power it unleashes at your fingertips!.

 ➥ One time purchase 

➥ *FREE* life time updates 

➥ Unlimited accounts 

➥ Upload Images 

➥ Upload Videos 

➥ Upload Images via RSS feed, Watch folder 

➥ Direct Message / Inbox viewer / Direct message with image share 

➥ Image Reposter  

➥ Video Reposter 

➥ Update all account details (name / bio / website etc) 

➥ React to users when they follow you, like your media, comment on your media! 

➥ Image Downloader 

➥ Image modifier (watermark / overlay text) 

➥ Auto image tags / auto image caption mentions 

➥ Easy to use Promo module, click click jobs done 

➥ Automatic Following 

➥ Automatic unfollowing 

➥ Automatic Liking 

➥ Automatic Commenting 

➥ Like Comments 

➥ Story scrapes 

➥ View / watch stories 

➥ Full action support on stories 

➥ Scrape followers / followings 

➥ Full search / scrape comparability with Instagram mobile app 

➥ Gender filters 

➥ Filter on follow ratio 

➥ Advanced filter of all available media / user properties 

➥ Scrape engagers of post (likes / comments) 

➥ Advanced profile engagement scrape 

➥ DM auto reply 

➥ Auto repost received DM images 

➥ ONE time payment 

➥ Free life time support 

➥ Free life time updates 

➥ Full account support, multi account support 

➥ Full account support, update account details 

➥ Full search support 

➥ Advanced compound searches 

➥ Action via search via media or authors 

➥ Filter support of media / user properties 

➥ ISG List Scraper 

➥ Manage an unlimited amount of accounts. 

➥ Account Verification 

➥ Account safeguards for safe usage 

➥ Full Spintax support 

➥ Schedule all actions for Drip Feeding potential. 

➥ Time delay between actions to appear realistic 

➥ Multi actions at once to appear realistic 

➥ Repeat all actions for constant promotions hands free! 

➥ Frequent updates 

➥ Good quality support via multiple systems.

 Full Captcha API support 

➥ All processes are stored so can be restarted in case of power failure 

➥ Save / load actions for future use 

➥ Detailed logs of all processes 

➥ Import / Export features for profiles, proxies. It is your data to take and do what you want with 

➥ Redo / retry / pause / cancel any action 

➥ Money back Guarantee 

➥ Install onto 3 machines 

➥ Run unlimited instances of the program on a single machine.
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