Diet of the masters


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Diet of the masters.
An Online Video Course teaching a diet system used by ancient spiritual masters, greek olympians, Indian wrestlers, spartans, roman soldiers, etc. 
Learn how to lose weight or gain weight naturally with Spiritual and Scientific data backing up this diet system. What's Inside this Health & Diet Course? We'll discuss some of the healthiest people in recorded history. 
You'll learn the secrets of the longest  lived people of today and the healthiest groups of people still alive today. We'll take a look at the previous diets throughout the centuries.
The pros and cons of today's top latest diet fads. The diets of the Ancient masters, Jesus, buddha, Krishna, yogis, the father of mathematics and champion boxer Pythagoras and other great philosophers, monks of Japan, and monks in the Himalayan temples of Tibet. 

And how these diets will center your mind and body. I will go into great detail about Raw vs. Cooked food and which foods SHOULD be cooked and which ones should not be.  

Both with scientific and spiritual reasons. I'll discuss preparation techniques, showing you how to get the MOST nutrition out of your food. You'll Learn the best food combinations for the best digestion along with sequential eating. 

Rotation of your foods and how this all blends with nature. You'll learn the Spiritual relations of these foods to yourself and mother nature.   And  how they relate to the chakras systems and earth elements. 

Videos of me showing you a simple system of rotation of how to bring this into reality and not just some fancy words in a book. I'll teach you how to prepare ancient nutritious recipes that were lost overtime: Ancient Health Recipes of: Egyptians Ancient Strength Rocket Fuel used by Gladiators China's Oldest Secret  Staples of the Marathon Monks  Ancient Celitic Power Foods Secrets of the Tibetian Monks Core substanse of the Ancient Olympians High Octane Foods that Drove Spartan Strength Meals Used by the Most Enlightened Masters to Walk this Planet And Many More! You'll be shocked at how  good these actually taste. You'll learn with video, how to bring these ancients recipes back to modern living with simple, easy and practical methods.  

You'll learn the most optimal times to eat and how to eat. Simple things that are often overlooked. How and why the diet must change every few months. How to transition into a new healthy diet both physically and mentally because there is a lot of emotions connected with food and some mental reprogramming needs to be done.  

I'll tell you about the best natural supplements in the world that you can make yourself at home. You'll discover plans of the top bodybuilders in the world and what you could do to make them even more effective with nutrient assimilation. 

Because it's not all about quantity, it's about quality and preparation for nutrient absorption. You'll discover the unbelievable diet plan of the worlds best endurance athletes. 

These guys don't complete for money or fame.   Several other endurance athletes have come to train with these guys and it's been reported that no one has lasted over a week. 

Losing weight with this system is no problem at all.  Your body will automatically rebalance itself back to it's natural state.  

Many guys have a hard time Gaining Weight,  It is so easy to gain weight when you learn the foods and diet strategies of the ancients warriors.  

Forget cramming down all those protein shakes!  You'll save time and money when you learn how to do this with natural foods.  Most of these recipes cost about $1 a meal.  

I'll show you all of this in great detail and you can add whatever you like to this, but Diet of the Masters is a simple system which rotates the most nutritious foods in the world as your staples and will practically force you to eat healthy.  

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