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What is Software Defender?

Software Defender is an activation service with web-based control panel that helps you fighting against software piracy and other forms of unauthorized use. It ensures that each copy of your digital product is used in compliance to your license terms and is not shared or used simultaneously on more that one computer.

Easy protection process

No programming is required to protect your product with Software Defender; protection process itself is less than minute. The whole system designed to be easy-to-use for everyone yet powerful to cover any possible usage scenarios and license terms.

Automated blocking of license violators

You can easily setup number of powerful filters that will act accordingly to your license terms. For example, you can set up a filter that will deny any further activations of key if there were more than 20 activation attempts from different IP addresses during last hour (most likely that means that one of your keys went “wild”).

Windows 7 compatible

Software Defender is Windows 7 compatible, including support of visual styles and User Account Control (UAC).

How does it work?

Each time protected software is being executed, Software Defender checks if it is allowed to run. If it is, your customer will start using your product right away, and if license key was deactivated, customer will not be able to access your product.

Support of different license models

With Software Defender you can create different license models for your products: “regular” licenses, trial keys limited by number of executions or days and “product bundle” licenses. These can be really useful if you are adding other products as bonuses but you still want to be in control of what is going on.

Integration with payment processors

No matter which payment processor you are using, ClickBank, PayPal, 2Checkout or any other, Software Defender will work with it.

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