Real Estate Assistants Needed

Description:  Individuals needed on a part time basis to locate sold signs (homes).  The work is simple and consists of walking or driving around areas and noting addresses of homes that are for sale and mailing out a specially prepared letter to each.  This work does not involve telephone calling, speaking to people person to person and there is no selling or buying.  The work can be simplified by visiting real estate offices and/or using newspaper ads to get a list of all the houses for sale and the respective addresses. 

Flexibility:  Sold Sign Locators may locate sold signs whenever and where ever they want, day or night, weekends or holidays.  Locators may even opt to locate signs in other cities than their own.  Sold Sign Locators are never obligated meet minimum requirements.  They can locate as many or as few signs as they want.   Locators can work full or part-time.
Skill & Experience Requirements:  No experience is required and easy to followinstructions are provided. 

Pay:  Locators are paid based on each sold sign they locate and each located sign is worth $50.  Many Locators locate only 5 signs per day, and are paid $2,500 per week and $10,000 a month. 

How Many Sold Signs Can You Locate A Day?

If you can locate 5 Sold Signs a day...    you'll earn $250.00 every day..   You are paid $50.00 for every sold sign you locate.  Get Paid For Each Sold Sign You Locate In Your Area when you register and use our simple program!  It's an easy way to make $1000s a week. 

Walk around any housing estate and you will see dozens even 100s of for sale signs. As a Real Estate Assistant Sold Sign Locator, you are paid for jotting down addresses of homes with sold signs and sending a pre-made letter to that address.  Assistants are not involved in selling, buying or even talking to people. 

If you can find around 50 new for sale signs each week , you will earn $2,500.00 per week, or $10,000.00 per month.   To do this, you will only need to register and use our simple program and  follow the simple instructions and find 10 sold signs a week.