Power System Jump Start

Time saving way to learn the IBM i

In the past you were stuck plodding through page after page of IBM training manuals to gain this kind of knowledge. Instead, by using screen capture technology, I take you through the features and fill in the blanks for you.

You will save time with this training course… in 21 minutes you’ll have your IBM i subsystems and jobs flowing smoothly because you’ll know how to:

·         How to view all the jobs running on the system… and instantly locate jobs waiting to run in job queues.

·         How to speed up slow running jobs with this little-known trick to allocate more CPU.

·         How to track down any job on the entire system regardless of status… if it ran (especially useful when a user calls asking what’s up)… even where the spool file it created is hiding.

·         How to get details about an active job and see exactly what files it has open… even the current data records it’s working with.

·         How to identify job locks and resolve them FAST.

·         What the library list is, and how to set it up… even use the library list to create test environments without touching your live data.
The entire course is easy to use. When you want to find out about a topic you simply press the play button. Then sit back, and watch IBM i strategies like…

·         The best way to solve printing issues in two steps. And it’s not using the Work with Writers command to stop and start a printer.

·         How to know the difference between a writer and remote output queue… then quickly solve any printing problems with a stuck print job.

·         When a report (like a check run) is printed, even accidentally, it’s lost FORVER... unless you use this one spool file setting so it can be printed over and over again.

·         How to handle spool files, inside and out. Changing properties, the number of copies, moving reports to another printer queue… and assigning priority over other spool files.

The Power System Jump start picks up where IBM’s own documentation leaves off. You’ll get real insider tricks that until now only Certified IBM Engineers and Resellers knew. For example you’ll discover:

How to give slow jobs a boost by allocating it more system resources… and how to bump up priority for important jobs.

How to uncover which jobs are hogging up the systems CPU. I use this technique to find jobs slowing the system down… and it’s a hidden feature buried in a program you’re probably using today.

The Initial Program Load, shutdown, and restarting your system (but not before you check this one critical setting). You’ll even discover how to schedule IPLs.

How to make the system Initial Program Load hands off, and trouble free by tweaking the startup program… this is essential for rebooting the system remotely.

How to reveal “hidden” options on important commands and screens by setting your assistance level.

If an ethernet cable was unplugged, you have to logon from the console (good luck if you’re trying remotely) and reply to a message to get connectivity again. Or you can use this technique and the system will do it AUTOMATICALLY.