Make Money Drawing Caricatures


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Do you love to draw? Do people tell you that you have talent and could be a professional ?

I got started by seeing someone drawing caricatures at a mall, knew that I had drawn portraits since I was little and decided to try to make some money doing what I loved. I drew and practiced and drew some more and moved to Ocean City, Maryland for the summer. There I drew all day and night, practicing caricatures and cartooning.

When I moved back to Washington, D.C. I started drawing caricatures at parties. I've drawn at every kind of function and for all kinds of clients: from baby showers to Bar Mitzvahs, to weddings, and retirements. Even at the Vice President's house!

Over the years I learned all the tricks of working at parties, trade shows, street fairs, and malls the hard way and still made money!

With these secrets from a 20-year professional you will jump the line and join the ranks of artists making money doing what they love.

I have the answers to your questions:
  • Can I copy from other artists?
  • Who are the best artists to copy?
  • How do I make my cartoons side-splittingly funny?
  • What supplies do I need to be a professional?
  • How do I not waste my money on expensive stuff I don't need?
  • How can I get cheap equipment?
  • How do I start up my business?
  • Where can I work?
  • How do I price my caricatures?
  • How do I showcase my work?
  • Should I exaggerate people's features?
  • How do I make my clients happy?
  • How do I get my name out there?

  • My secret way to get caricature work

  • The easy way to hustle for clients

  • The secret approach to facial feature exaggeration

  • 5 steps to making your clients happy

  • Three easy ways to make caricatures funny

  • 3 videos showing step-by-step instructions to setting up your booth.

  • Examples of work and pictures of supplies

  • The entire 27 page ebook is delivered by immediate download

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