Google trends

Money making ideas never quit coming to me.  And I've decided to share one of my newest favorites with you.

Most people don't know it, but one of my favorite little money making gems hides quietly inside an obscure little corner of Google, under the unassuming little name:  Google Trends:  Known only to a lucky few people who are profiting widely from this amazing tool, Google Trends crazy income generating capabilities continues to elude the masses.

But the most amazing thing about this powerful little tool is, the moment you grasp the concept, it will literally start spitting out  hundreds of dollar bills out at you like an out of order atm machine.
My friend, Steven and I never fail to make money with Google Hot Trends.  

And it's probably because it's so simple to use and works flawlessly if you understand a few tiny tricks about it.  The tricks are so obvious that even a chimp could do it.   But my friend Steven and I have been sitting around scratching our heads, trying to figure out why  so many people still just can't wrap their heads around it enough for 

Google Trends to work wonders for their income flow.   Then we realized there was only one way people were going to finally understand it, like we do.  It could only be done using visual teaching.
So, walking through the entire Google Hot Trend process, Steven documented every step.  Then he put together 10 videos on this process.  And I've gotta tell you, these videos make it so flat out simple and easy, that even Steven's 19 year old daughter, who had no internet knowledge other than messing around with her friends on Facebook and Youtube,  went through the process.  And in just one day, she made over $200.