Google Plus commander

Google is hard at work making Google Plus the center of their business model.

With all Google business sectors merging into it’s all encompassing social stream Google Plus (+), building social influence across Plus Business Pages, Zagat reviews, Google News Results, and most important your search engine results with Google Authorship (those pics of people you know in the search results) is easier to achieve than ever before.

It’s no secret that Google values its own social links from Google Plus over any other social network and so they should. Just do a search you wont find many twitter posts on Google these days.

Amazingly, in the last month Google Plus overtook Twitter with total number of users. It’s time to face facts Facebook and Twitter are no longer enough, you have to take advantage of Google Plus if you want top rankings in the search results..

Fortunately, it’s not to late to take action to stay on top of your search engine results.