Customer Service Assistants Needed


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    > Description:  Internet Based Video Customer Service  Assistants

    > Requirements:  Must have internet access and access to a computer.

    > Flexibility:   Work can be performed from any location, even from home.  Assistants  work around their own schedule.  Assistants  can work full or part-time.  Assistants can work any time of the day or night, any day of the week.

    > Assignments & Duties:  Assistants mainly monitor and reply email to work load and video requests in  email accounts and perform other simple web based work.   There are no minimum requirements or required quotas. 

    > Skill & Experience Requirements:  No experience required.  Training provided upon registration.

    > Pay:  Video Assistants are paid $30 for each video request they process.    It is reasonable to earn $150 from 1 hour of work. 

If you are ambitious, are organized and can work without supervision,  you can work today with us. We are in urgent need of Web Based Customer Service Assistants for our streaming video distribution.  No experience is required.  Assistants must have access to a computer with internet.  

This is an easy, profitable and very rewarding opportunity because the work pays very well, the work can be performed from home or anywhere, and the work can fit any schedule.
Assistants primary duty is to process customer requests to view our online streaming instructional video which teaches people how to own a free home.  Due to the extreme mortgage crisis our country is experiencing, our outstanding instructional video is in overwhelming demand because it  offers serious help and solutions for consumers in the midst of this crisis.  Also, all of our Assistants will have access to the video for their own personal benefit and unlimited viewing.